Spring Grove Scrapbook:
The Buildings

I have high-resolution copies of several of these photographs. If you need to have a better copy of the photograph, please contact me.
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Group Photos

Former Ministers

Events and Activities

Christmas Lights

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The Church

The view from the sign looking up the driveway

Top Right: The church in the 1980s; Winona and Everett Morris standing in front.
Right: The church in 1999
Below: A view from the cemetery

Right: The church sometime before 1950
Below: A computer drawing of the church

An aerial photograph by the USGS

The Parsonage

Top Right: The old parsonage
Above: Inside the old parsonage
Right: The parsonage on fire in 1977

A picture of the new parsonage (from the newpaper, 1979).

The new parsonage (1990s)

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