Spring Grove Scrapbook:
Events and Activities

I have high-resolution copies of several of these photographs. If you need to have a better copy of the photograph, please contact me.
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Group Photos

Former Ministers

Pictures around the Property

Christmas Lights

The Main Scrapbook Page

Activites - Past and Present

Cloyce Thorton playing the guitar at a special service

The puppets at VBS 1999

The youth group that went to the zoo

A couple of people in the youth group collecting leaves to burn.

Cathy, Annie, and Brian on the bus to Texas

Nathan James on a bike on the MS150

Camp Quaker Haven 2000

Easter Breakfast at the church

The puppets at VBS 2000

Some of the kids ready to hunt Easter eggs

A dinner at Spring Grove, ca 1980s

Ian Fitwater at a youth ski trip

An outdoor meeting (1979?)
Another dinner at Spring Grove

Tammy, Mary, Cathy, Winona, and Ian sing at Easter Sunrise Service

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