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(P 215) At Spring Grove Monthly Meeting of Friends held second month 16th 1889.

The committee appointed at last meeting to propose the names of suitable (Friends) to serve this Meeting as clerks the ensuing year propose the names of Smith Steward and Anne Williamson with which this Meeting unites.

The committee appointed at last meeting report that they attended to the object of their appointment and report $8.40 raised and $3.25 used. The Meeting directs the committee continued and report to next meeting.

The Trustees, not being ready to report as to hitching grounds, are continued to next meeting.

C. N. Averill, Anna Averill, B. P. Averill and Mary Averill are appointed as our representatives to attend the ensuing Quarterly Meeting to be held at Hesper 3rd month 2nd 1889.

Rebecca Hume presented a letter of membership from the U. B. Church at New Lancaster, Kansas, and requests to become a member of this Meeting which this Meeting accepts. Matilda Steward and Louisa E. Updegraff are appointed to inform her of this Meeting's decision and report to next meeting.

Warren Averill and Lora E. Averill requested to become members of this Meeting. John Steward, Sarah Bones, Reuben Davis and Alice Williamson are appointed to visit them in regard to the subject and report to next meeting.

The evangelistic committee, not being ready to report, are requested to report to next meeting.

Z. H. Bones, Sarah Bones, Elizabeth Burks and Smith Steward are appointed to bring forward the names of suitable persons to serve as evangelistic and pastoral committee and report to next meeting.

The meeting then concluded.


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(P 222) ... to Emporia Monthly Meeting.

J. A. Burks and Charles Averill are appointed to attend to the repairing of the meeting house and report to next meeting.

The meeting then concluded.


At Spring Grove Monthly Meeting of Friends held 10th month 19th 1889.

The Temperance committee propose the names of Charles Averill and Lydia Arnold to serve this meeting as a temperance committee the ensuing year and they are appointed accordingly and directed to report in 8th month next.

Mary Ellis, a minister of the Gospel and a member of Timber Hills Monthly Meeting, very acceptably attended this meeting.

The committee appointed in 8th month to consider the subject of caring for the meeting house propose that we employ someone to keep the same for one year. N. C. Averill proposes to keep the house for one year for the sum of $12. The committee are directed to see if they can secure him that amount and report to next meeting.

The committee appointed to produce a certificate for John Steward and family produced one which was ordered signed and forwarded.

The committee to repair the meeting house report work not completed and are continued to report next meeting.

Ellen Bones requests a certificate of herself and family be sent to Willow Spring Monthly Meeting of Friends. Anna Averill and L. E. Updegraff are appointed to produce one to next meeting if nothing is found to prevent.

The meeting then concluded.


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