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(P 228) At Spring Grove monthly Meeting of Friends held 7th month 19th 1890.

The clerks being absent, Lydia Arnold was appointed clerk for the day.

Our dear friends, Cynthia Stanley, a minister, and her husband, Moses Stanley, are acceptably with us with a minute from the members of Ministers and Oversight and Pastoral committee dated 7th month 16th 1890. Also, we have the company of William Harris from Barclay, Kansas. Their gospel labors are acceptable and encouraging to us.

T. W. McDaniel, Lydia Arnold and Charles Averill are appointed to make out a statistical report for next meeting.

The meeting then concluded.


At Spring Grove Monthly Meeting of Friends held 8th month 16th 1890.

The clerks being absent, W. D. Burks and Lydia Arnold were appointed clerks for the day.

The committee on temperance appointed in tenth month last report as follows:

No. selling intoxicating liquors None

No. using intoxicating liquors as a beverage 5

No. using tobacco 15

Estimated cost $150

No. cultivating Tobacco None

No. Temperance meetings held None

No. Pages tract distributed 1000

The committee appointed in last month to make out the statistical report to the past year report as follows;

(P 229) No. of births 4

No. of deaths 2

No. Received by request 1

No. Received from other Yearly Meetings None

No. Resigned 1

No. Removed to other Yearly Meetings None

No. Members 120

No. Males 54

No. Females 66

No. Under 21 57

No. Families 22

No. Parts of Families 15

No. Meetings 1

No. Ministers 1

No. Meetings without ministers None

No. Isolated members 40

No. Daily reading of scriptures 10

The Evangelistic and Pastoral committee made a satisfactory report.

The Queries and Answers were read in this meeting and directed to be forwarded to the ensuing Quarterly Meeting by James A. Burks, Rebecca Hume, Lydia Arnold and Charles Averill whom we appoint as our representatives and are directed to report to next meeting.


1st Answer: All of our Sabbath meetings and meetings for discipline have been held. Midweek meetings small, five not held.

2nd Answer: A few of our members seem to be imbued with the love of Christ and have a desire to instruct their children as queried after. Others are neglectful of this important duty.

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