Spring Grove Monthly Meeting of Women Friends 1st month 21st 1882, then concluded to keep the records all in one book that shall come after this month.


(P 133) Spring Grove Monthly Meeting of Women Friends 2nd month 18th 1882.

The clerk being absent, Louisa Updegraff is appointed for the day.

The committee in cases of Emma Downing (formerly Dunbar) and Martha Henderson (formerly Jones) report that they visited them and they wish to retain their rights of membership with which the Meeting unites and appoints Elizabeth Burks to inform them and report to next meeting.

The Friends to write to Ella Hodson (formerly Durham) report they have written but having received no answer are continued to report when ready.

Rebecca Kenney (formerly Durham) has accomplished her marriage contrary to discipline. Elizabeth Burks and Rebecca Averill are appointed to visit her and report to next meeting.

The queries were read with corresponding answers which are directed to the Quarterly Meeting by Mary Beals, Matilda Steward and Rebecca Averill, representatives, to report to next meeting.

1st Answer: All our meetings for worship and discipline have been attended with increased interest. Unbecoming behavior therein discouraged. The hour of meeting pretty well observed.

2nd Answer: Most Friends appear to be preserved in Christian love one towards another. Talebearing and detraction discouraged. When differences arise, endeavors are used to end them.

8th Answer: We believe this query is complied with to a pretty good degree.

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