At Spring Grove Monthly Meeting of Friends held 1st month 16th 1886.

The committee appointed to propose to this Meeting the names of two suitable Friends to serve as clerks for the ensuing year are united in proposing the names of Warner D. Burks and Louisa E. Updegraff with which this Meeting unites and they are appointed to that service.

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(P 173) At Spring Grove Monthly Meeting of Friends held 8th month 21st 1886.

The committee appointed at last month to inform Marilda A. McDaniel of the action of this Meeting report attended to.

The Finance committee, not ready to report, are continued and directed to report to next meeting.

The Statistical committee produced to this meeting a statistical report which was read and approved by this meeting and directed to be forwarded to the ensuing Quarterly Meeting.

Statistical Report

No. Births 4

No. Deaths 3

No. Received into membership by request 1

No. Received by certificate from other Yearly Meeting 1

No. Disowned None

No. Resigned 1

No. Removed to other Yearly Meeting 6

No. of members 154

No. of males 68

No. of females 86

No. under 21 years of age 75

No. of families 28

No. of parts of families 28

No. of families that read every day 14

No. of isolated members 34

No. of established meetings 1

No. of recorded ministers 2

No. of meetings without recorded ministers None

The committee in case of Steward report attended to.

(P 174) The queries and answers were read in this meeting and directed to be forwarded to the approaching Quarterly Meeting by Warner D. Burks, John Steward, Louisa E. Updegraff, Eli Henderson and Lydia Arnold whom we appoint as our representatives to attend the approaching Quarterly Meeting and report to next meeting with what may be given them in charge.

Answer to first query: All of our meetings for worship and discipline were held with the exception of one which was caused by waiting on a funeral, well and punctually attended by some members.

Second answer: Some Friends comply with the requirement of this query.

Third Answer: We believe Friends are generally careful as queried after in the first part of this query; we fear not so careful in regard to the reputation of others as would be best.

Fourth answer: There has nothing come under the care of the Meeting in regard to this query.

A certificate of membership was received, read and accepted for Nathan D. Ellis and Elizabeth his wife with their minor children, Martha Josephine, Otha Denne, Gracie Dell, Ruth Almeda, Leola Ethel from Hesper Monthly Meeting.

Nathan D. Ellis and family request their right of membership transferred from this meeting to Pasadena Monthly Meeting, California. J. B. Gluyas, Charles Averill, Matilda Steward and Louise E. Updegraff are appointed to examine into their conduct while here and if nothing appears in the way, to transfer their rights to Pasadena Monthly Meeting, California, and report to next meeting.

(P 175) Eli Henderson now returns his minute granted him 5th month 1885 with a satisfactory report of the work and a minute was granted him to work in Kansas and Missouri by appointing meetings or otherwise as truth may open the way.

The meeting then concluded.

Warner D. Burks

Louisa E. Updegraff, Clerks


At Spring Grove Monthly Meeting of Friends held 9th month 18th 1886.

The Clerk being absent, Ahijah Bond was appointed for the day.

A certificate was received, read and accepted from Hesper Monthly Meeting conveying to this meeting the right of membership of Charles O. Gause and Lovica W. Gause and Emily their daughter bearing date 8th month 19th 1886.

The committee appointed to see after the request of N. D. Ellis and family's certificate are continued and directed to report to next meeting.

The representatives report that they all attended their appointment except one.

The committee appointed 9th month last now report that they have not completed this Meeting's records. They are continued and directed to report in 9th month next 1887.

(Pages 176 and 177 missing)

(P 178) John B. Gluyas, Lydia Arnold and Lydia Davis to inform them and for their help and encouragement and report to next meeting.

The following named persons request to be joined in membership with Friends: William J. Black, Minnie Black, Louis A. Hatcher, William Connell, Sarah B. Connell, Joannie Connell, Lydia A. Cutshaw, Charles H. Robins, and Henrietta Robins with which this Meeting unites and they are received into membership with us and Eli Henderson is appointed to inform them of the action of this Meeting.

The following named Friends and others not in membership with Friends request that a Monthly Meeting be established at Edgewood Meeting House, West Boon Township, Bates Co., Missouri, to be known as Edgewood Monthly Meeting to be held on the fourth seventh day of each month at the hour of 10 1/2 A.M., meeting for worship at eleven A.M. on first day as now held.

Spring Grove Monthly Meeting: Eli Henderson, Austin Hatcher, R. P. Wilkerson, Samuel G. Edwards, Franklin W. Hatcher, Irena Hatcher, Lucy Wilkerson, Alphens Edwards, Frank Denney, Sarah L. Henderson, Lewis A. Hatcher, Eunice C. Edwards, Catharine Gage, Luke Gage, Charles Gage, William P. Connell, Arthur C. Edwards, Sarah B. Connell, Lydia A. Cutshaw, Lori Bell Henderson, Joannie Connell, Charles H. Robins, Henrietta Robins, William J. Black, Minnie Black, Laurie Henderson, Alonzo Henderson, Mary Evans, John M. Henderson, James J. Crawley, and Susannah Hockett.

(P 179) Those attending Meeting and not in membership with us: M. L. Gage, Sarah Gage, Elizabeth M. Henderson, William Henderson, J. Connell, Elizabeth Connell, May Connell, Annie Henderson, Mary Henderson, William Evans, Lottie Evans, C. W. Ekins, John Norman, Ila Evans, Belle Shelton, Alice Ford, Ella Ekins, Annie Shelton, and William P. Fingate.

At Edgewood Meeting, eleventh month 9th 1886.

Eli Henderson (Clerk for the day)

We appoint Eli Henderson, Lydia Arnold, W. D. Burks and Ellen Bones as representatives to attend the ensuing Quarterly Meeting and report to next meeting what may be given them in charge.

To Whom This May Concern:

This is to certify that Ellen Bones is a member of Spring Grove Monthly Meeting of Friends, an Elder in good esteem and a member of the Evangelistic community. We recommend her to the care and fellowship of all Christians with whom she may associate and that she may be encouraged to faithfulness in every duty her Master may require at her hands.

Signed by direction and on behalf of the meeting aforesaid.

W. D. Burks, Clerk

Lovisa W. Gause, Clerk for the day

John Steward, Correspondent

The meeting then concluded.


(Pages 180 through 182 missing)

(P 183) Extract from the minutes of Kansas City Monthly Meeting of Friends held 11th month 14th 1886.

To Hesper Quarterly Meeting:

This Monthly Meeting, believing that our Quarterly Meeting is justly indebted to the Yearly Meeting and that the Yearly Meeting is needing all the funds due it at this time and that a reproach is brought upon the cause of truth by our neglect as a Quarterly Meeting to honor the calls made upon us by the Yearly Meeting at the time directed by that Meeting, this Meeting is united in making an earnest appeal to the Quarterly Meeting to make provisions at its Meeting in 12th month for the immediate payment of the balance now overdue to the Yearly meeting without waiting to collect it from the delinquent Monthly Meeting either by taking a voluntary subscription for that purpose or by making arrangements to borrow the amount necessary.

We would farther ask the Quarterly Meeting when making a direction for the sum called for from us by the Yearly Meeting at its last session to make such changes in the manner of raising this fund as will ensure, if possible, that the money may all be collected and paid in to the Yearly Meeting treasurer before its next session so that no discredit or reproach may occur for want of promptness on our part in complying with the same.

And further, we are enlisting as a Monthly Meeting now that those Monthly Meeting in arrears be released from the payment of such arrears and that the entire sum required to pay the back indebtedness, (P 184) the present indebtedness and any interest that may be incurred by the Quarterly Meeting be reassessed on to the several Monthly Meeting in such proportions as shall seem to the Quarterly Meeting just.

The clerks are directed to forward a copy of the above minutes to the ensuing Quarterly Meeting.

Taken from the minutes of the Kansas City Monthly Meeting of Friends held 11th mo. 14th 1886.

Allia Newby,

Wilford Rowntree, Clerks

This meeting concludes.


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