(P 1) Spring Grove Monthly Meeting of Friends opened and held on direction of the Quarterly Meeting's Committee at Spring Grove in Lykins County, Kansas Territory, on this day, the 6th of tenth month 1859.

Richard Mendenhall was appointed clerk for the day.

The following minute from Pleasant Plain Quarterly Meeting of Friends, Iowa, was read:

By the reports from Three River Monthly Meeting, it appears that Friends of Lykins County, Kansas Territory, request the privilege of holding a meeting for worship on first and fourth days of each week; also a Monthly Meeting on the second seventh day of each month; and a Preparative Meeting on fourth day preceding; all to be known by the name of Spring Grove: which being weightily considered by this meeting, united in the appointment of John Howard, Eli Stafford, Benjamin Hollingsworth, Jefse Arnold, Benjamin Smith, Job Briggs, Jefse W. Kenworthy, Andrew C. Williams, Rodema Newlin, Betsey Stanton, Elizabeth Hayworth, Cynthia Pickering, Lydia McConnell, and Mournen P. Jones, to visit them on that account and take the subject under weighty consideration in all it's bearings, and if truth opens the way, they are authorized to afsist in opening and organizing a part or all of said meetings, as in their judgment would be right.

Taken from the minutes of Pleasant Plain Quarterly Meeting of Friends at Spring Creek, 8th month 27th 1859.

(P 2)    Nathan Craven )

         Mary Andrews  ) Clerks

The following named Friends of the Quarterly Meeting's committee were present: John Howard, Eli Stafford, Job Briggs, Benjamin Smith, Andrew Williams, and Cynthia Pickering.

The committee now present informed the Meeting that they were uniting in granting our request in all its parts.

John M. Coffin and Simon Jones were appointed to propose to next meeting the name of a Friend for clerk and one for afsistant.

Richard Mendenhall, Lindley Durham, Simon Jones and Samuel Holaday were appointed to propose to next meeting the names of suitable Friends to fill the station of overseers.

Richard Mendenhall was appointed to serve as correspondent of this Meeting.

This meeting now adjourned until the second seventh day in next month being the next in course.


Spring Grove Monthly Meeting of Friends held 11th month 12th 1859.

The committee appointed at last meeting to propose the name of a Friend for

(P 3) clerk and one for afsistant proposed the name of Richard Mendenhall for Clerk and John M. Coffin for afsistant, who being united with, they are appointed accordingly.

The committee appointed at last meeting to propose the names of suitable Friends to fill the stations of overseers proposed John M. Coffin and Lindley Durham, who being united with, John M. Coffin is appointed to that service; the appointment of Lindley Durham is deferred until next meeting on account of his absence.

The way not appearing to open for the appointment of representatives to the Quarterly Meeting that appointment is omitted.

The meeting then concluded.


Spring Grove Monthly Meeting of Friends held 12th month 10th 1859.

Lindley Durham, whose appointment to the station of overseer was deferred at last meeting, is now appointed to that service.

The following named Friends were appointed as trustees to held the title to land belonging to this Monthly Meeting: Abraham Holaday, Richard Mendenhall and Simon Jones.

The clerk was directed to have a copy of the foregoing minute recorded in the records of this county in connection with the deed conveying the title of land to the Meeting.

The meeting then concluded.


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