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Spring Grove church history
- This version is a very detailed history that goes into the development of the Friends church in America.
1999 condensed church history
- This article is a compilation of earlier histories and is a little more condensed than some of the others.
Church In Color June Meeting 1999
- This tells about the anniversary meeting that we have every year in June. It also tells about what happened on the 140th anniversary.
1854 letter by Richard Mendenhall
- This letter was written by Richard Mendenhall from Shawnee Mission to the editor of the National Era, John Greenleaf Whittier. It is a letter discussing the moral evils of slavery. About the National Era
1919 version of church history
- This pair of articles is the oldest history article that I have found.

These don't really have a date:

Early Quaker History
- Taken from the Friends Membership Course, this page explains the Friends church's background in America.
Listing of old books from local meetings
- A table of books from Spring Grove, Stanwood, and Hesper meetings that are being kept at Barclay College.
Pastors at Spring Grove Encyclopædia Britannica's Quaker History
- A rather dry explanation of the rise of Quakerism in America.

Spring Grove related articles, sorted by date

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June Meeting - web page June Meeting - Graphic article
History of Spring Grove, condensed  


Article before meeting - I Article before meeting - II
After meeting - Republican, June 6  


History of churches in Miami County, Kansas  


115th anniversary to be celebrated (short)  
Ferne Cook


Dedication of 2nd addition (before) I
Dedication of 2nd addition (before) II


Woman Pastor Serving Lane


Dec 21, dedication of new furniture


Dec 13, dedication of 1st addition (after)  


History by Louise Herron  
Church in Black and White


History of the church (before and after) I
History of Church (after) II
History of church (before, more detailed, incomplete) III

1859 - 1892 Monthly Meeting Minutes


Letter to the Editor by Richard Mendenhall  

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